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Residential & Commercial
Video Surveillance
Our services are based on the professional implementation of surveillance solutions. Our work involves the installation, configuration and maintenance of the security system; IP/Wi-Fi Cameras , CCTV, DVR, NVR.. We provide the possibility of having a broad spectrum of solutions ranging from a simple installation for your home to the most complex business solutions.
Evolve Your Communications
Hosted Voice System
  • Feature: Unlimited Trunks
  • Feature: No need for separate phone wiring
  • Feature: Unlimited Incoming minutes
  • Feature: Support Android & IPhone
  • UpTime: 99.99% Guarantee (Google Cloud Powered)
  • Prices: starting at $249.99/m
Far less expensive than other phone systems
Companies can reduce their telephone costs by up to 80% 
Digital Signage
Simple Digital Signage for any Screen. Getting beautiful content onto screens shouldn’t be difficult.

Creating, adding content or changing the schedule should be easy. Whether you have one screen or 100 screens. We help you ditch the clunky hardware and expensive media players. Allowing you to set up rich digital signage displays fast.
  •  Prices: Starting at $19/m per screen

Managed IT Services
Unlike the old “break-fix” IT Support model, our Managed Services align the interest of the service provider with those of the client – namely you. Both parties desire for the client’s network to be absolutely stable – because they both lose money when anything goes wrong. In the event of downtime, you lose productivity, while we lose our most precious resource – technical support time. As a result of this alignment, we are incentivised to work harder and smarter to ensure that your network remains 100% stable.
  • You pay a fixed monthly fee for us to keep your network up and running, no matter what.
  • There is no limit to the number of hours you can use.
  • We are incentivized to keep your network as stable as possible!
  •  You enjoy the benefits of enterprise-level automation and monitoring systems.
"I use Macrotech to maintain all my computer systems, monitoring systems and camera's within my businesses. I have always found their service to be amazing, caring and the utmost in professionalism. If you are look for a great company then you do no have to look any further."
- Allie A. Shihan
L.I. Ninja
About us
Macrotech is a full-service IT solutions company organized and designed to support all sizes of business when it comes to computer needs. Our technical support team strives to help you and your business take advantage of all the benefits that cloud technology and other tech services have to offer. We take care of many different business needs, including helping small-sized businesses synchronize their everyday tasks using IT in order to effectively maximize their production.
At the same time, through our IT solutions and support services, we can increase the network security of your business. We also help our esteemed clients take care of any and all technical difficulties. This way, your users can enjoy and navigate through your systems without the headaches, stress, and frustrations you used to have. It is our specialty to reduce all the things that cause delay to your business operations and headaches to your customers.

Macrotech is a specialized IT solutions provider ready to provide our cloud services, computer services, and IT services both in household and business organizations. We take pride in providing our clients with the best there is in technical solutions, technical troubleshooting, website development, hardware installations, network maintenance, and more. Come and let us take your business to a whole new level of efficiency with our professional IT solutions.
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